NPR Tiny Desk Contest

I got a call from my friend Cassy Renee asking if I would help her put together a video recording of one of her songs to submit to the NPR TIny Desk Contest. Heck yes! I love Cassy's music! Well unfortunately out schedules and a surprise cold kept us from recording together, but luckily Lonnie and Moses took care of her! Here's her video, Cassy is sooooooooo good! 

During our initial conversation, she asked me if I was going to submit anything. I didn't really know what song I would record and submit for it so I kind of put it on the back burner. Then a couple weeks later I found myself monkeying around with my keyboard sounds and started writing.

The song first started as "sleeping with the lights on". I wanted to talk about consciousness and how I sometimes find myself disengaged from the experience of living because of the to-do list I feel like needs to be done in order to live (something I still really want to develop). Buuuuuut it just wasn't happening; all of the lyrics felt stilted, and I just wasn't FEELING IT! So I decided to write about someone for whom I am very much feeling it. I finished the song an hour-or-so later and played it out on the town at Montague's in Greenwood, SC. Folks seemed to enjoy it, so I figured I'd record it and send it in for the NPR's 2017 Tiny Desk Contest! Hope you enjoy "Kissing for the First Time". :)