Video is rapidly becoming the primary means for content marketing. Making your content engaging through beautiful video opens doors and makes impressions. Let me help carry your message through video and sound!  

This is the first video I produced with my new 4K camera setup. I'm very pleased with the next level of video I'll be able to achieve with this rig. I wrote the music to reflect on the mill. The full reflection can be found on the New Music Blog.

I got to help the youth interns at Saxe Gotha Presbyterian Church develop their video announcement series "Internal Affairs". A very fun time doing a more creative project visually and writing the music underscore in a single day. (2014)

Leaders Imago is a leadership and organization development company based out of Columbia, SC. This video outlines how Lisa Brownlee and the Team Manager Development Center can take your company to the next level.

Whit. E Octopus Vapors (Columbia, SC) made this video to raise awareness on how the FDA regulations will effect small businesses in the industry. They encourage people to take action by participating in a web black out. 



After thorough training in classical recording engineering at the USC School of Music, I took on private recording projects and integrated HD Video into a classical audio recording context. My major asset is MOBILITY. I can bring the studio to you for your project. I feel privileged to work with very gifted artists, and usher their performances forward through recording. Below are a few selections that reflect a variety of ways I've enjoyed contributing to projects.

Classical Audio/Video Recording

I record audio and video for Classical American Homes Preservation and Trust event, Music at Millford in Orangeburg, South Carolina.

Video - Synched to Outside Audio

I annually record video for the Southeastern Piano Festival and synch audio recorded by the University of South Carolina School of Music in post production.

Studio Audio/Video Recording

My dear friend, bandmate, and fellow engineer, Moses Andrews III (Columbia, SC) brought Kentaj into Wentworth Studios and I had the privilege of recording audio and video for the acoustic performance of “My Radio”. Follow her on TwitterReverb NationFacebook and YouTube!

Another one of best friends and also drummer for Miles to Go's first record, Gypsy asked me to help him do a drum cover for Metallica. Solomon Encina (Rancho Cucamonga, CA). Absolutely brilliant player, and an all-around great guy. He has other awesome videos on YouTube you should check out! 


Daddy Lion's EP "Perpetual Calendar" (2014). I love these guys! Jeremy Joseph does amazing things for Columbia, SC

Miles to Go's debut album "Gypsy" (June 2013)

The Runaway Jug Band. Check them out on Facebook and Reverb Nation! (2012)


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