Rain after Snow

Today, I share my reflection I had while tinkering on my parent’s piano I grew-up on. In 2014 my mentor steered me toward mindfulness – specifically practicing mindfulness around the ways I react. I find it’s so easy for me to fly off my game because of some transient discomfort. I scramble about in a flustered attempt to fix whatever new cataclysm I sense erupting around me. I experience a life-train-derailment, rather than seeing the issue as it is: a small road-block, during a fraction of my life-time. And to this day I find myself ensnared in minuscule issues clawing my way out.

Sometimes, I just have to stop and ask myself, “Am I busting my hump clearing snow that’s going to melt in the rain tomorrow?”

Rain after Snow

Yesterday it snowed. It stayed below freezing through the day and after dark it warmed up. By eleven the boards on deck were wet reflecting the street lights.

This morning there were only thin traces of white in the grass and mulch, and little piles of soggy snow we had heaped off of our road and walkways yesterday.