Today I share with you, "Sunrise". I love how the morning twilight builds so smoothly to the explosive brilliance of the sun climbing into the sky. I just bought my first guitar this past Tuesday--a Jackson JS-10 Dinky! It's a great and affordable instrument! I've toyed with the idea of buying an electric for years, but was able to borrow my cousin's beautiful Westone Rainbow and Fender Mustang to play through Garrett's B-52 half stack while living at Wentworth Studios. So there was no urgency. But, after being hounded by guitar textures in my head over the past weeks, the time had come. So backing up: in college, Jared and Zak were into this Icelandic group called, 

Sigur Rós

. They would fill the apartment with the lush sounds of steadily building string sections, guitars, and mystical vocals. And thus I fell in love with ambient post rock.

A few years later, my cousin, Melissa introduced me to


. The synthesized elements enhanced the guitar elements. The electronic percussion helped create contrast with the live percussion. It was a steady groove with a rich atmosphere.

I fed on analyzing their orchestration and arrangement but more importantly, I LIKED HOW I FELT WHEN I LISTENED TO IT! I wanted to experience the creation of that kind of project. So I am pleased to share with you today, "Sunrise".

A Picture to go with the piece, Sunrise
A Picture to go with the piece, Sunrise