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Severna Park native Alex Davis whet his performing appetite with a performance of Billy Joel’s “She’s Got A Way” during Rock ‘N’ Roll Revival in 2006, but at that point, he still had miles to go before reaching the status of full-time musician. Now, as the lead singer and keyboardist of two bands - Miles To Go and Passing Worth – that are set to release albums later this year, he is closer to making music his sole career.

Source: Songwriter And Pianist Alex Davis Keys In On Two New Albums | Severna Park Voice


A few weeks ago I got a phone call from Zach Sparks at the Severna Park Voice. He had found me through an old reverbnation page that is linked to an email I can't even access anymore; I hadn't even updated it to reflect that I lived in South Carolina. Well this worked out, because Zach was searching for local artists in Severna Park and stumbled onto me in this way. Zach was interested in interviewing me to talk about I had shifted from the solo act "Alex Davis" in 2008, to Passing Worth and Miles to Go that currently are working so hard on albums and tour planning. It's amazing how things like this happen. I had just given my letter of resignation for my full time job at Saxe Gotha Presbyterian Church to pursue music in a full time capacity when he called. All that's to say, I can use all the support that comes my way.

I'm thankful for our meeting for many reasons. One, it was so refreshing to talk with someone who values the person-to-person interaction in a conversation, rather than a message thread. Two, it was great to talk with someone about the development of my relationship with my art and reflect on how it continues to become more meaningful to me on every level. And lastly, it was nice to feel like I'm doing something worth writing about, maybe people might even want to come to a show and hear what it is that has compelled me to take such a huge leap of faith from a full-time job and comfortable home-studio arrangement to a life on the road.

Ah heck, I can go on and on about it. Better off just pointing you to the words of Zach Sparks. Thanks so much, man!