West Virginia Mission Trip 2019 Construction and Other Projects

Updated 7-10-19


The information on these pages is confidential.  Please keep all of the information close. Please do not share the web address or information with anyone outside of the WVMT 2019 group.  We want to ensure the privacy and protect the dignity of all of the home owners and their families.

General Notes

  • An extra coil gun or framing gun would be helpful.  (Jolly will bring a biscuit compressor.)

  • Please bring extra ladders, especially long step ladders for the roof jobs.

  • Please label all equipment you bring with your name so that it can be returned to you at the end of the week.

  • All projects begin on Monday morning, July 29th, 2019 at 8:00 am unless specified otherwise.

  • The first name on the crew list is the crew chief.

  • Please let us know through your church trip leader or just wait until we arrive if you wish to be assigned to a different project.

Site #1. Blair Curtis (disabled) Phone: 304-672-0761,  Address: 6387 Union Road, Philippi, WV

Note: There are currently two roofs on this mobile home: the original flat trailer roof made of aluminum and a second ridge roof.  The mobile home is nearly 80 feet long.

a. Cover the roof with three 20’ x 30’ tarps secured by furring strips.

b. If necessary to keep the varmits out, cover the holes that exist in the aluminum roof that are above the ceiling but below the second roof.  These holes were made to accommodate the three vertical supports that were installed inside the trailer last year to support the sagging ridge pole atop the second roof.

c. If necessary after the tarps are installed, repair or replace the roof over the tip-out to stop the leaks in the living room.  (Maybe just spread some tar over the leak to last for another year.)

d. Blair doesn’t like the post in the living room, but has agreed to live with it.

Crew #1:  Benny Clark, Joe Hoeing, Jacob Hoeing, Andrew Mandile

Site #2. Shirley Payne    Phone: cell 304-823-1108, Address: Route 1, Box 119 Indian Fork Road, Philippi WV 26416.  Go towards Philippi on 250, take by-pass around Philippi, take a left on 119, take a right on 57, bottom of the hill take a left on Indian Hill Road.  Let Shirley of Peggy know the day and she will take you there.

a. Pressure wash the house

Crew #2,6:  Marie and Crystal (not Richmond)

Site #3. Alice Everson        Phone: 304-823-2834    Address: 5312 Talbot Road, Belington WV 26250

a. Build floating platform (8’ x 6’), steps, rail and landing for camper. 

b. Run underground water line from existing water meter at the site of the burned out house to the camper where Alice currently lives.

c. Complete the underpinning of the camper.      These two added in 7-9-19

Crew #3,7,9:  Bill Klimmek, Alex Davis, Terry Minchow-Proffitt, Sara Hoeing, Jolly Davis will do item a.

Crew #1:  Benny Clark, Joe Hoeing, Jacob Hoeing, Andrew Mandile will do item b.

Site #4. Ruby McDonald   (Her husband is disabled)    Phone 304-823-1718 Address: Beaver Creek Road, third house on the left, blue roof, Junior WV

a. Stop rain leaks from the gutter and rain leaks through window in the back.

b. Replace rotten basement roof cover directly under the window.  (She has some sheet metal.)

Crew #4,5:  Paul Farthing, Joe Mandile, Lori Richmond

Site #5. Ben Simmons (Ruby McDonald’s grandson, across the road from Ruby)

Phone: 304-704-3672,  Address: 87 Misty Mountain Road, Belington WV 26250

a. Replace underpinning around mobile home.  

b. Replace 2 exterior doors.

Crew #4,5:  Paul Farthing, Joe Mandile, Lori Richmond

Site #6. Belington Town Square Terri Kittle, Contact    Phone: 304-823-1531

a. Install two exterior steel doors in red concrete building.  (Doors are already in site.)

b. Design and plant low shrubs and/or flowers around the stage.  Terri will supply the shrubs and/or flowers.

c. Paint split rail fence (if time permits)

Crew# 6,8:  Matt Hartig, John Cole, Stephen Rautner  will do item a.

Crew #2,6:  Marie and Crystal will do items b and c.

Site #7. Darlene Foley   Phone: 304-457-5628, Address: 3917 Nestorville Road (Hwy 38), Philippi, WV 26416

a. Replace 4 windows upstairs, 3 in front and 1 in back.

b. If time permits, install French drain to direct water away from cellar.

c. If time permits, repair and paint kitchen ceiling.  Roof leak that caused damage has been repaired.

Crew #3,7,9:  Bill Klimmek, Alex Davis, Terry Minchow-Proffitt, Sara Hoeing, Jolly Davis

Site #8. Helen Zirkle and her Brother James   (James is handicapped.)

Phone: ____________________,  Address: 410 Stout Road (Hwy 38), Bridgeport, WV

a. Block up the mobile home.  Level it and make any connections.

(Helen will pay to move a mobile home from her place to James’s place.  The mover will park the mobile home in the correct location. The rest is up to us: We install concrete blocks, level it and connect the utilities.  Jolly will bring house jacks.

Crew# 6,8:  Matt Hartig, John Cole, Stephen Rautner  

Site #9. Carl Heinbaugh (Benny built a front porch for him last year)   Phone: 304-365-7729, Address: 2471 Porterfield, Philippi WV

a. Replace 6 windows on first floor.

Crew #3,7,9:  Bill Klimmek, Alex Davis, Terry Minchow-Proffitt, Sara Hoeing, Jolly Davis

Site #10. Belington Elementary School

a. General clean up and fix up.  Tasks to be determined.

Crew #10:  Henry Muhrer, Merlin, Eddie, Joann Davis, Susan Mandile, Lizzie Mandile, Maria and Crystal (some days)

Site #11. Camp Barbour

a. Cooking the meals

Crew #11:  Bonnie Parker, Trudy Carlton, Ella Clair Clark, Joann Davis, Dianna Raymond, additional volunteers as needed