2018 West Virginia Construction Projects

*Last Updated 7/31/18 - a large number of crew assignments have changed


The following information on this page is confidential. Please keep all of the information on this page close. Please do not share the web address or information with anyone outside of the WVMT 2018 group. We want to insure the privacy and protect the dignity of all of the home owners and their families.

General Notes

  • An extra coil gun or framing gun would be helpful. (Jolly will bring a biscuit compressor)
  • Please bring extra ladders for the many roof jobs.
  • Please label all equipment you bring with your name so that it can be returned to you at the end of the week. 
  • All projects begin tuesday morning at 8:00 AM unless specified otherwise. 
  • The first name on the crew list is the crew chief.
  • Please let us know through your church trip leader or just wait until we arrive if you wish to be assigned to a different project. 

Site 1 | Ruby McDonald

Ruby McDonald (Her husband is disabled) – Phone: 304-823-1718, Beaver Creek Road (left), third house on the left, blue roof, Junior WV

CREW #1 - Paul Farthing, Terry MP, Zak MP

a.  Install gutters.
b.  Build a ramp from the porch to the road, about 25 feet.
c.  Remove hornets’ nest.
d.  Repair (or replace) back porch roof cover.  (She has replacement tin)
e.  Repair water damage in bathroom.
f.  Repair railing to basement probably by adding a grab bar  ~or~ 
g.  Move washer and dryer from basement to upstairs and provide connections to new location.

Site 2 | Michael Steinke

Michael Steinke (a disabled veteran) – Michael’s father is James.  James’s Phone: 304-457-2123, Address: Barbour County Hwy toward Junior just out of Belington on left, log home, Belington WV

Crew #2, 10 - Kenny Williams, Joe Hoeing, Jacob Hoeing, Lori Richmond, Eddie Byron, Andrew Mandile                 

a.   Install metal roof (from Life-Tite) on the roughly one thousand square foot house.  Some replacement sheathing may be needed.  James will provide material.
b.  Repair water damage in back room/bathroom.

Site 3 | Belington Library

Belington Library - Tammy Smith, contact – Phone: 304-823-1026, Address: 88 Elliot Ave,  Belington WV

Crew #3, 7 - Benny Clark, John Coles, Joe Mandile

a.  Build an 8 foot ramp or walk-way from back door to storage building with railing as needed.

Site 4 | Belington Town Square

Belington Town Square (Green space), Terry Kittle, Contact  Phone: 304-823-1531 -- (We provided a roof for the stage last year.)  --

Crew#4, 8 - Bill Klimmek, Steve Creighton, two nephews

a.  Install two metal security doors on building.
b.  install lattice on base of stage.
c.  Adjust existing sign.
d.  Weed flower beds and repair the surrounding frames.   ***Crew #9 here as part d.***
e.  Create and install wooden plaques on either side of stage.  See Sandra for instructions .
f.  Build portable benches that can be stored in the building.  See Peggy for instructions.

If time permits
g.  Stain stage and roof wood.
h.  Paint red building.

Site 5 | Diane Talbott

Diane Talbott (Husband and daughter are both bedfast) – Phone: 304-457-5102 (w), Address: End of Point Pleasant Road on the left side (by Barbour County Fairgrounds?) across from the log home, Belington WV.

Crew #5, 6 - Riley McCann, Alex Davis, Cseni Szabo

a.  Rehang existing gutters and install absent gutters.
b.  Coat roof as necessary to stop leaks, especially in valley.
c.  Weed-eat around house.

Site 6 | Debbie O’Brien

Debbie O’Brien (Widow) – Phone: 304-823-1139, Address: from Belington toward Philippi on 250, left side across from portable wood storage buildings on the right side. (Assure that small dogs are in pen or house.)

Crew #5, 6 - Riley McCann, Alex Davis, Cseni Szabo

a.  Install siding. (There may be some preliminary patching needed on the original surface.)
b.  Construct a deck (maybe 4’ by 12’) in front of the two doors.
c.  Build roof over the deck or pad.
d.  Repair hole(s) in outside wall.

Site 7 | Carl Heinbaugh

Carl Heinbaugh – Phone: 304-365-7729, Address: 2471 Porterfield, Philippi WV

Crew#3, 7 - Benny Clark, John Coles, Joe Mandile

a.  Replace front porch and steps.  Porch roof is okay.
b.  Install 3-4 attic vents.

Site 8 | Pastor Gregory Downing

Pastor Gregory Downing (Minister at the Baptist Church) – (His wife has auto-immune disease.)   We hope that some church members may assist.

Crew#4, 8 - Bill Klimmeck, Steve Creighton, two nephews      

a.  Build wheelchair accessible deck and ramp outside of kitchen door.
b.  Install new kitchen door wide enough to be wheelchair accessible.
c.  Remove transition strip (humps) in the interior doorways for better wheel chair access.

If time permits,
d.  Repair bathroom floor.

Site 9 | Shirley Payne

Shirley Payne --  Phone: 304-823-1108 (h), 304-614-3373 (c), Address: Rout 1, Box 119 Indian Fork Road, Philippi  WV 26416. From Camp, go toward Philippi on 250, take 250 by-pass around Philippi, take a left on 119, take a right on 57, bottom of hill take a left on Indian Fork Road.  Let Shirley or Peggy know the day and she will take there.

Crew #9 - Kathleen MP, Dexter MP, Marie Byron, Crystal Byron

a.  Power wash house. (Red Man will provide "Krud Kutter") 

No pictures yet.

Site 10 Blair Curtis

Blair Curtis (disabled) – Phone: 304-672-0761, Address: , 6387 Union Road, Philippi  WV

Ask Peggy for address and/or directions.

Crew #2, 10 - Kenny Williams, Joe Hoeing, Jacob Hoeing, Lori Richmond, Eddie Byron, Andrew Mandile

a.  Replace roof on Trailer.