Alex Davis

Associate Digital Video Producer Applicant



Thank you for reviewing my application to be your Associate Digital Video Producer! I made this video specifically for this application to introduce myself and show you that I can produce a well-paced and refined product that delivers a coherent message.

On this webpage you will also find my official resume along with pertinent samples of my work. 

Script, video, sound, lighting, editing, animated text, and music by Alex Davis.

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Video with Original Music

I produced this 30-second TV Spot for Scott Benny's food truck to air in Columbia, South Carolina. (2015) 

A group of churches meet in Belington, West Virginia every year to serve the community. I shoot highlight video of the multiple sites during the day and edit in the evening so everyone can enjoy sharing projects at the end-of-week gathering. (2015)

Void for Void is an artistic video that composes household items into a warm yet haunting reflection. (2016)

I helped the youth interns at Saxe Gotha Presbyterian Church develop their video announcement series "Internal Affairs". A very fun time doing a more creative project visually and writing the music underscore in a single day. (2014)


Audio/Video Recording

Every year I am brought in by Classical American Homes Preservation Trust to record Music at Millford. This series is directed by Robert DeMaine, principal cellist of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra. (2017)

Video Recording

Since 2010 I have been the official videographer for the Southeastern Piano Festival. This video featuring Chaeyoung Park and Anna Han was shot in the Koger Center for the Arts in Columbia, SC. Audio by The USC School of Music (2017)